The use of Motion Graphics in advertising

In recent years, advertising and video content have changed drastically from what they were just a few years ago.

We’re long past the days when ads contain static objects, images, elements, and text; now, it seems like it’s all about motion graphics.

Motion graphics are becoming more common in advertising for creating remarkable visualizations that attract the eye from the first glance.

As people’s attention span is limited, you have to make sure you present something new.

Thus, brands should include motion graphics in online videos and advertising videos because it is essential to the effectiveness of the video.

Advertisers can use motion graphics to illustrate brands or showcase products. By so doing, they can create a good impression on the audience that lasts forever.

This post will show you why motion graphics are an essential part of advertising and how they can help your brand grow on social media.

In SAGA VFX , we can recommend you how to improve the impact of your ads, by adding motion graphics.

Motion Graphics in Advertising

It’s no surprise that motion graphics have become the backbone of the advertising industry as more and more brands are coming up with ads that appeal to the eye.

Advertisements by brands that want to leave a strong impression on the viewers or customers are bound to incorporate motion graphics.

It’s a fact that motion graphics are crucial for brands or any business, in general, to stand out. Also, they have become one of the most powerful ways to capture people’s attention and keep them engaged.

But what exactly are Motion Graphics?

In general, A motion graphic is a visual or animated representation of an object in which the object(s), text, images, or scene appears to be moving.

Motion graphics consist primarily of animated images or animated text that carry information into different scenes or topics within videos.

It makes the whole video or ads look more live and attractive, or you can say it gives life to the raw content.

Motion graphics help visualize data, explain processes, define technical terms, and even illustrate abstract concepts that are otherwise difficult to understand.

Use of Motion Graphics in Advertising

Motion graphics are excessively used in advertising videos alongside social media videos on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can use motion graphics in advertisements for logos, explainer videos, documentaries, technical animations, and much more.

Typical motion graphics that you may recall

  • Transitions – A transition is what we see at the beginning and end of a video. Advertisers can use transitions to complement written texts, like a title page or credits at the end of an advertisement; or
  • Animated Graphics – These elements that come up on screen during a video, such as charts, images, data displays, etc., make it easier for viewers to understand what they see in context.

What is the use of Motion Graphics in advertising

Motion Graphics are used in so many ways for advertising on social media.

It’s a fantastic tool to convey a message to the audience effectively and efficiently.

Motion Graphics are essential for many companies in promoting their brands and services and also to spread awareness of their products.

Let’s discuss in detail how motion graphics are being used in the advertising industry.

Convey the message

The most critical function of advertisements is to convey a message to the target audience.

Various motion graphic studios work with creative people in advertising agencies to make advertisements livelier and easily understood.

For a better understanding of a message, motion graphics is a magical tool to explain anything and everything.

If you’re not good with words and making an ad, it is an invaluable method to communicate your ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

Including motion graphics in your ads helps effectively explain your product or service while also creating an entertaining video that will surely catch people’s attention.

How are motion graphics used to convey a message?

Motion Graphics creates an illusion of movement and adds a lot more strength to the message. Additionally, it helps in making things clear and makes people understand easily.

There are several different ways to include motion graphics to convey a message.

The most common way brands or companies advertise their products and services is by making short ads with motion graphics and running them on social media platforms.

Explaining the Product or Service Features (Explainer Videos)

Companies use motion graphics to illustrate their product features or services. They go the extra mile by adding movement to their ads.

It helps them explain what is already on the screen. You can give an idea about the product or service in a more pleasing way with detailed animation and impressive audiovisual.

Motion graphics videos are easier to understand; they are included in most of the explanatory branded content whenever needed.

Grab Audience’s Attention

Ads created with motion graphics help catch the audience’s attention and make them remember the brand or service even better.

Any online ad on social media must be as attractive as possible, as people are not used to watching long and tedious content, and they tend to skip the whole advertisement.

Motion graphic is a great tool to attract viewers’ attention and capture their interest with simple, easy, and engaging visuals.

Motion graphics in video content and branded content can significantly assist advertisers in persuading audiences to watch the entire video.

Once the ads grab the attention, the chances of customers conversion are much higher.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Advertisers can use motion Graphics for the promotion of a complex product, service, or brand.

It helps the audience to visualize a product or service in the best possible way and is ultimately enjoyable rather than boring.

And also, this form of media can make the audience know more about a particular brand or product through the use of graphical representations such as magnificent element audiovisual, images, and object animation.

Video content and advertising can be more easily understood through motion visual graphics or animation than through traditional advertisements.

With motion graphics, advertisers can make their advertising clear to viewers. It can help to promote any concept in visual form and can effectively simplify some most difficult concepts.

Expansion of Motion Graphics through Social Media

With the expansion of social media platforms and users, the ads and the use or scope of motion graphics in advertisements are also growing exponentially.

Besides commercials advertisements, motion graphics are now used in other types of video content on social media sites and online platforms.

People responsible for the marketing of commercial brands and Independent audiovisual producers, filmmakers, and youtube content creators are frequently using motion graphics videos.

Producing motion graphics ads is inexpensive as you only need one or few people for making a fascinating advertisement; hence more and more individual businesses are looking for a motion designer.

Platforms where motion graphic advertisements perform well – Motion graphics ads on Instagram-

Instagram is a top-rated app where people spend most of their time interacting with the engaging app. These factors have made it more appealing for advertisers to run ads on Instagram.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, is now heavily being used by advertisers to run ads while at the same time improving the efficiency and reach of their campaigns.

The Motion graphics used in Instagram ads are more appealing than traditional photo ads. It can grab the attention of the targeted audience in a much better way than a static picture.

The users on Instagram are also spending a fair amount of their time watching motion graphic video content as it is enjoyable rather than a dull still image.

Hence it is safe to say that the consumption of motion graphics in advertisements and non-commercial video content is growing day by day, especially on Instagram.

Motion graphics on Facebook-

Additionally, the use of motion graphics in Facebook advertisements is on the rise.

Motion graphics ads help the viewer experience the ad without being puzzled and bored by images or elements.

Motion graphics on Facebook are usually in the form of videos, but they could also be images with text moving around them.

In most cases, motion logos are advertised in Facebook ads that promote products from a particular brand.

As motion graphics ads grow more popular on social media, there has been an increase in competition between companies and agencies to develop creative campaigns and unique motion graphic commercials.

Motion Graphics Ads on YouTube –

You might have seen at the beginning, end, and middle of a YouTube video there are ads but are these traditional ads or motion graphics ads. Well, of course, these are ads created with the help of motion graphics.

The use of motion graphics in ads on YouTube is also expanding day by day. The ad created with the help of motion graphics on youtube is less likely to be skipped by the viewers.

The YouTube advertisements are different from traditional ads – they convey a sense of innovation by incorporating motion graphics.

This type of advertisement keeps viewers interested for a long period of time.

Why should you consider using motion graphics?

In order to generate the most impact with your advertisements and video content, motion graphics should be utilized because of the following reasons:

1. Motion graphics helps to keeps the audience engaged-

Motion graphics helps to keep the audience engaged by playing animations, motion effects, and awesome audiovisuals that excite audiences.

With motion graphics, brands can keep the audience engaged while watching an ad and compel them to interact with it.

A more loyal customer base of a brand stimulates brand affinity, which results in stronger brand loyalty and more willingness to purchase a brand.

2. Motion graphics do enhance the quality of your video content –

Motion graphics help to eliminate the issue of compromising the quality of video content while modifying it. The visual quality is very clear and sharp in the motion graphics style compared to regular videos.

As premium motion graphic softwares are being used while creating ad videos, the quality of the end rendered result or output is top-notch.

3.Motion graphics can help your brand stand out –

Although often not perceived as the most critical part of a video, independent producers can effectively use motion graphics to attract and entice viewers, helping your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

4. Motion graphics can help you to achieve your objectives-

Motion graphics help achieve your objectives by simply showing off your message through entertaining gradients and textures presented in a well-timed manner.

Sometimes, you don’t need to roll out the heavy artillery and show your audience the full-length story that will capture their heart. Motion graphics may help you to achieve this objective.

Some Examples of Motion Graphic Ads –

Here you can see some examples of how motion graphics are being used in these videos and ads –

1- Genetics 101

The use of motion graphics has clarified the complex concept of genetics which otherwise, without including motion graphics, perhaps would not be so simple to understand.

2- McDonald’s ad

In this short ad, motion graphics are nicely used to show what McDonald’s actually do and what service or products they offer.

In both of these examples, it can be seen clearly that the implementation of motion graphics can immensely help to convey a message and simply a complex concept.

What is the future of motion graphics video content?

The world is changing, and nothing stays the same. The field of motion graphic design videos are not an exception.

Video content has come a long way since its earliest days. With advances in technology, we can create quality video content using motion graphics. In SAGA VFX , we can make it for you. Visit our motion graphics gallery  to watch some of our previous works.

A technical understanding of how to use diverse software and the ability to manipulate images, animations, and video clips in an appealing way will be pretty helpful for your brand.

There’s no doubt that motion graphic design is going to play a significant role in the future.

The design and presentation of video content are going to be more complex than ever before.

The demand for quality content will be high, with more people wanting to create sophisticated and exciting videos and advertisements.

How can you add motion graphics to your video content?

Adding motion graphics to a video is a skill; you can either learn it, but it will take some time and practice, or you can simply outsource it.

Hiring someone to do the motion graphic work is always a good option as it is cost-effective and will save you lots of time.

If you are looking forward to doing it all by yourself, then first you need to learn the basics and spend some time learning softwares like adobe after effects, cinema 4D, Illustrator, etc.

However, these softwares are not cheap and require decent computer hardware; hence, if you want immediate motion graphic work to be done in your videos or advertisements, just go with the outsourcing approach.

What Impact do Motion Graphics have on Advertising –

Motion graphics are becoming more and more popular with advertisers who know it’s a great way to capture attention and convey key messages quickly.

Motion graphics have a significant impact on the advertising industry as a whole. It helps advertisers retain the audience’s attention for quite a while and allows them to keep their viewers engaged throughout the video clip or ad.

It ultimately makes the whole experience of watching ads on social media more enjoyable and exciting for the general public, which eventually benefits the advertisers because more people will be more likely to buy the product they are promoting.

Motion graphics are also a great way to entertain the audience even more as it helps to feel more involved in what is being advertised.

Overall they can be an excellent addition to any advert or video clip as it adds a nice touch and gives something extra that people will enjoy seeing, and it’s also a cost-effective option as well.

The Bottom Line –

The purpose of this article was to discuss the use and importance of motion graphics in advertising and video content.

The purpose of this post is to explain why it is vital to incorporate motion graphics into short videos and ads.

The future impacts that motion graphics will bring to advertising as a whole but more importantly, it will help advertisers to retain their audience’s attention for longer.

A motion graphic can be used in multiple mediums, such as videos, social media, animated cartoons, and more.

Motion graphics are undoubtedly beneficial in the advertising industry and will continue to do so in the future.


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